About Me

I work with Business Leaders like you who are prepared

to ask for advice and help, who are willing to confront

what needs to be done, and who are ready to implement

and do what it takes in order to get the results

they are looking for.

"Looking back to the beginning of our time working together, I shall never forget your meticulous preparation, your ability to capture an audience and your unshakable determination to get things done. You have left a large footprint in the sand, or better said, in the Boardroom."

A little bit more about me:

When it comes to business, culture change and transformation, there isn’t much that I haven’t personally experienced, especially the tough stuff. If you’re willing to confront it, I will help you navigate it.

I know and understand where your challenges and frustrations lie. Over the course of 30 years I have been at the forefront of cross/multi-cultural change and transformation projects, consulted, coached  and worked throughout Africa, Australia, the Middle East, the UK and Canada, and was a co-founder of a startup that within 4 years, scaled to 180 people, with 8 offices in 6 countries.

I know the “struggle” is real! There is no silver bullet formula, there is no “band aid” to fix aches and pains that have been festering for a long time; there is no shortcut to success.

Why use me?

Consulting is broken! Too much theorizing, philosophizing and jargon. Too many fancily drawn models and diagrams and a MLA for everything - that’s a Multi Letter Acronym (in case you’re wondering).

The "Anti Consultant"

A consultant is sarcastically defined as somebody who arrives uninvited, makes you pay for what you already know and seldom understands your business.

I consider myself the “anti consultant”.

I believe it is important to firstly agree that you need, want and are willing to pay for my help. Secondly, whilst I have worked in many businesses, nobody knows and understands your business better than you and the people in it. My job is to listen and work with you and your teams - that is the only way to truly understand and know what your business is about. Finally, it is my responsibility to help you arrive at the solutions that work for your business, and to then ensure that those are implemented and anchored down.

Terms and Conditions apply

I am not going to simply agree with everything you say because “you’re the client”. I will ask the tough questions, I will challenge you and I will most likely say things that you don’t like or want to hear; and then, I’ll do it again – until we get it right.

I am not interested in just “dipping a toe in” in the hope that we will bring about change - both you and I have better things to do with our time. I will be “all in” and want to know that I have the freedom and the mandate to do what needs to be done.

I will ensure that we do not fall into the trap of loving the idea, but not being prepared to do what it takes to make it a reality. Talk and Action, and never in isolation of each other.

I believe in the principle of fair exchange - the minute one of us feels that we are not getting out what we are putting in, the relationship is in trouble. I will work tirelessly to ensure that doesn’t happen. If it does, I will call it!

I bring high certainty with patience, compassion and understanding, I am interested in doing “great work for great clients” and making an impact. If that appeals to you, welcome to my world and I look forward to our journey together.

As a business leader, you have a mandate to deliver results to all of your stakeholders - sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to just START. Start that journey by getting in touch.