Erudio Consult:
Business Transformation

Transformation demystified

A successful business today requires agility and a

“built-in” ability to change, adapt and transform.

Technology, geo political factors, market conditions,

competition and evolving customer demands

and expectations are just of a few of the drivers.

"Straightforward, challenging and inspiring"

"You had a massive impact, your different way of thinking has inspired and challenged me"

"Kieron pushed us to explore our limits in terms of what we believed is reasonable"

The many faces of transformation

Cultural transformation, digital transformation, gender and equity transformation - define it any way you like. With so many "triggers" the best approach is to define what it is NOT!

It is NOT about technology and it is NOT about getting lean or going agile.

It IS about people.

Why transformation fails

Change is difficult, period. There is often an entrenched idea that “we can’t afford to change” (and not just in a financial sense) Then, in an attempt to inject urgency, the symptom (as opposed to the real problem) is addressed  - it’s called the band-aid syndrome. Lastly, there is inertia and very little buy in – people don’t know where to start, understand what the real problem is or know what is expected of them.

Behind every WHY, is the REAL WHY

The “real why” lies in one (or more) of these three areas: Leadership, strategy or culture.

Companies that thrive are those who have a leadership team who are fully invested in the transformation process, and who have successfully aligned the corporate culture with the strategic intent.

To make that happen, the vision and strategy must be clear and authentic. Next, the two most important role players (customers and staff) must have been engaged in designing and implementing the transformation process. Lastly, actual behaviour change (a broad definition) has to be enabled by a corporate culture conducive enough to allow it.

Transformation is a process.

Building blocks of a Transformation process

By definition, a transformed organisation has:

A clear vision

A growth mindset

Awesome capability

A buzz, energy and vibrancy to it

An obsession with fulfilling the needs of customers and staff

As a business leader, you have a mandate to deliver results to all of your stakeholders - sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to just START.

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