Facilitation, Coaching & Training

Facilitation - the process of making something easier.

Powerful and highly structured experiential processes

designed to clarify purpose, create agreement,

recognize desirable actions and behaviours

and ultimately improve performance.

"Masterclass in presentation and passion"

"You delivered things in a compelling and interesting way"

"You kept the team engaged throughout with the right level of control and freedom"

“tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; but, involve me and I will know”


People do not learn by being told what to do; they also do not change their behavior simply because they are told to – they learn and change via a series of realisations.

Experiential and action learning remains the most effective methodology for any facilitation, training or coaching process.

This is the methodology applied:

  1. Pose a real life problem.
    A simulated (and often practical) process designed to illustrate “what you are actually doing” as opposed to “what you think you are doing”. The objective is to test applied knowledge where the impact is derived from the spontaneous response.
  2. An analysis of what happened
    The facilitated feedback session uncovers the WHY’s and the REAL WHY’s. An honest inspection by means of introspection, questions and in-depth analysis. 
  3. A series of realisations occur
    A culmination of steps 1 & 2 above where the realization of “a need for change” is the ultimate outcome. At this phase the individual, team or organisation is most open and receptive to new ideas.
  4. Introduce something new
    Agreement on the “new way of working” – be it system, process, behavior or the introduction of anything else that is new.
  5. Implement, refine and the new normal
    Old “habits” die hard whilst new ones need continuous work to become entrenched. This is most often the most neglected step and where change fails. It also requires that the broader environment, leadership and culture are conducive to allowing the change to be made permanent.

As a business leader, you have a mandate to deliver results to all of your stakeholders - sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to just START.

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